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Bachata 8hr Instructor/Director Training: Elevate Your Dance, Empower Your Instruction 

πŸ”Έ Saturday,  Jan 20th
πŸ”Έ Saturday,  Feb 3th

πŸ”Ή1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Orange Room, 2885 Ettie Street, Oakland, Californian


Designed with utmost care and expertise, this certification course is crafted for intermediate-advanced level Bachata dancers and instructors. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge based on 7 years of teaching, to deliver unparalleled instruction, while fostering a welcoming space. 

🌟 Unlock Your Teaching Potential:
Participating in our 8-hour Teacher/Director Bachata Training isn't just a step – it's a leap towards becoming a confident and skilled instructor. Gain the expertise to guide beginner-level Bachata students with precision, breaking down the dance from the ground up. This comprehensive training empowers you to be the mentor that aspiring dancers need, fostering growth and confidence in every step.

JANUARY 20TH and february 3th

🎢 Explore Bachata's rich history & evolution!
πŸ‘« Learn how to teach technique and fundamentals to your students.
πŸ“š Best Practices and Recommendations!
πŸ“ Craft your own teaching tool, with Syllabus Creation!

What's in Store:



Understanding and mastering the Merengue, as one of the oldest dances in the Caribbean, and the parent of Bachata, is crucial; through Merengue your students will cultivate a solid dance foundation, setting the stage for their journey into the world of Afro-Latin dance.

Merengue Mastery


Dive into the rich history, origin, and evolution of Bachata. By understanding the roots of Bachata, you become not just an instructor but a storyteller, creating a dynamic and culturally enriched dance experience.

Chronicles of Bachata


The ability to create an effective syllabus is a valuable skill that will reflects professionalism. It communicates to students that the instructor is dedicated to providing a high-quality learning experience and has invested time and effort into planning the course

Syllabus Creation


Benefit from personalized insights and suggestions garnered from years of collective teaching experience. Learn the art of effective communication, class management, and creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Best Practices and Recommendations


Upon completion of the training, you'll receive a certificate, as a testament to your commitment to excellence in dance instruction.

This credential is your gateway to a rewarding journey as a certified Bachata Instructor/Director. Elevate your dance, inspire others, and lead with confidence.πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί




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