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In Lak'ech Dance Academy offers many opportunities to explore Afro-Latin dance, within an affirming and inclusive community. Whether you take an entire dance series, drop in to one of our pop-up classes, or spend one-on-one time in a private session, you  are guaranteed to gain a clear understanding of the fundamentals needed on your journey to Latin Dancing! 

When dancing with In Lak'ech Dance Academy, you will be encouraged to be your authentic self and embrace your unique identity and expression, all while reaching your personal dance goals.

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In Lak'ech Dance Academy offers a 12wk Salsa & Bachata Back to Basics Training Series, that introduces students to Salsa & Bachata dance culture.  We offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes fundamental techniques, body movement, musicality, and partner-work, as well as origin, history, and evolution; providing a well-rounded understanding of the dance and musical culture.  

These series are offered twice a year [Feb-Apr / Jul-Sep] . Next series is  February 2024.

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Salsa on2 & Bachata drop-in classes are back!

We will be starting on Wednesday, July 12th at the Orange Room in Oakland! They are each 75 minute classes with a different focus each week. 

What to expect:
✔ Learn basic fundamentals
✔ Footwork sequence
✔ Partner-work dancing
✔ Beginner friendly
✔ Inclusive Community Experience
✔ Fun way to meet new people

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In Lak'ech Dance Academy is committed to introducing Afro-Latin Dance Culture to the world, as an inclusive art form.  With our years of experience in teaching Afro-Latin dance and culture, we bring a level of expertise that can engage and inspire your community.  We offer a 6hr Back-To-Basics Weekender Series, in Salsa and/or Bachata, that offers an introductory level training. 

What to expect: 
✔ Learn origin, history, and evolution
✔ Learn musicality, fundamentals, technique
✔ Learn basic footwork and partner-work combinations
✔ Train in an inclusive, affirming, and FUN environment

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There are many benefits to taking private lessons with Angelica & Jahaira:

1) Personalized attention:
In a private lesson, you will have the full attention of the instructors solely on you. Privates will be tailored to your specific dance goals and ability.  

2) Safe and inclusive space:
You can feel comfortable being yourself and expressing your full selves while learning to dance.

3) Flexibility in scheduling:
You'll have control over when you take your classes. We can work together to find a time and location that is convenient for you.

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In Lak’ech was the first place in my life where I felt truly comfortable being a queer femme. I’d never experienced a queer space where being femme was something that could be affirmed and celebrated! In Lak’ech came into my life when I really needed it and I’m so grateful to be part of this community.

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When Queer and Trans people are given a Safe Space to be their Unapologetic Selves